The Books

Olympus Rising

Rejected by her father and raised among the ruthless and dedicated Spartans as a Mothakes outsider, Daphne has spent her entire life trying to prove herself worthy of her adoptive homeland. After years of honing her body into a weapon, her heart and mind into unforgiving stone, Daphne mirrors the unyielding surroundings and people of ancient Sparta. When the goddess Artemis places the life of Daphne’s brother in danger, she must leave behind Sparta – and everything she has worked for – to travel across the dangerous and unforgiving world of ancient Greece.

Tasked by Artemis to find and return mysterious goods stolen from Mount Olympus, Daphne must face down the legendary heroes and myths of ancient Greece in a heated race to restore the world around her. With each step of her journey she battles mythical foes alongside the enigmatic and flirtatious god Apollo, her heart torn between worry for her brother and the growing attraction to her companion. As she pursues her mission, a mere pawn in the games of the gods, the true weight of her task to restore the waning power of Olympus is revealed when she uncovers a plot to ignite war between Olympus and the world of men.

A reimaging of the classic Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo, Olympus Rising is a Young Adult Historical Fantasy. The first in a proposed trilogy, Olympus Rising will appeal to fans of Renee Ahdieh’s lushly painted world in The Wrath and the Dawn, and to those who love the clever, self-sufficient heroine of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander.

Children of Earth

Six Children of Earth are the only chance of survival for Elandria, a world on the brink of collapse, its people locked in a state of perpetual war.

From an archaeological dig in remotest Alaska, six college students are violently transported by deadly magic into a world utterly removed and incomprehensible. There, the coming of these Children to fulfill an ancient prophecy for peace is welcomed by some, but not all.

Their stories are woven throughout the warring races of Elandria, the threats from without and within. These threats are mirrored within the Children themselves, as they seek to prove themselves and find the foretold strength – and magic – within. They will find it, and much more, or they will die in the trying, as the prophecy shapes and defines their lives. As they slowly come to terms with their destinies, a darkness creeps across Elandria, threatening to envelop the world and all those within it.


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