When will I get to buy your book? Is it already published?

Sadly, I have absolutely no idea when this will be. As soon as I know more though I am sure to celebrate and share with you readers the good news! The publishing business is slowwwww, rightfully so, and I wouldn’t speed it up for the life of me because that’s how the best books are printed.

Will there be sequels?

That’s up to the editors that choose to take me on! Hopefully! I have lots of books planned and ready to get rollin!

How many books are in the Olympus Rising series? Children of Earth? 

If I have my way, there will be six books total in the Children of Earth series. Olympus Rising will be a trilogy, though hopefully I can smooze my way to a few novellas ;).

There are so many Greek words I can hardly keep them straight! Do you have a glossary?

I actually get asked this so often that I made an entire page devoted to the Greek words used throughout my novels! If you click on the above menu, select the ‘Glossary’ option and study to your heart’s content! I make no promises about it helping you pass any kind of language/history class though!


Where can I send fan mail?

First of all, you are seriously too sweet for wanting to send me something! I don’t have an available address quite yet! Stay in touch and hopefully I’ll have one for you soon!

Are they going to make a movie/TV show out of Olympus Rising or Children of Earth?

Uhg, I wish. First let’s get these books published!

Where can I get a signed copy of your books? 

Stay tuned!

Your books aren’t published in my country! How can I read them?

Stay tuned!

Will you ever do a signing in my city/country?

Stay tuned!

I’m an aspiring writer! Do you have any advice? 

Read. Read. Read in your genre. Read some more. Write, re-write. Research agents. Query. Read. Read. Read in your genre. Read some more. Write something new, re-write it. Research agents again. Query.

How do I get published?

See above J It’s going to take time.

Can you read my manuscript? Or just the first chapter?

Unfortunately, I can’t, due to legal reasons. I’m sure it’s fantastic though!

Do you have a map of Elandria from Children of Earth? Or even a map of Ancient Greece for Olympus Rising?

No, not at this time, but hopefully soon! Or, better yet, hopefully they’re included in the printed books! *fingers crossed* *knocks on wood* Any other questions? Feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can!