The Long and Short of it

The Short:

Writer. Swimmer. Traveller. Archaeologist. I write about Greeks and dance with Scots. My life is a topsy turvy world of words and travels.

The Long:

I grew up hopping the pond between Alaska and Scotland, and have the privilege of calling both magnificent places my home. Though I am currently enjoying life in Vermont, I would love to move back to Scotland with the occasional foray to Juneau, Alaska. Right now I am content to stay in Vermont with my lovely boyfriend and two cats (and hopefully some dogs soon!).

I am a 2014 graduate of the University of Alaska Southeast with a degree in Social Science, with an emphasis in history, archaeology and anthropology. Driven by my fascination and affinity for Greek history and mythology, I have sought to breathe new life to the forgotten and often underappreciated Greek myths. Much to the frustration of my archaeology professors and mentors, I would often focus on Greek archaeology over themes or subjects close to home. This has allowed me to give depth and historical accuracy to my retelling of Greek myths through the eyes of a young woman in a time and society where women are allowed few liberties.

Blogging does not come easy to me, but I do like to think that I have a wicked imagination and am fully up to the task.

As the books (hopefully) become more popular I will take the time out of swimming and hiking in order to write more about them and my inspirations. In the meantime, my life is adventurous enough and I will review books that I am reading.

Five Random Facts About Me

1 . When not writing, I can usually be found swimming, any time of the year, any place. I’m hopelessly addicted to swimming, and can outlast anybody I know in the coldest of water. I have been known to swim in water below 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) for multiple hours at a time. I know some of you right now are like “BS! Your body would shut down!”, but if you ask any of my friends, its true. I’ve grown up in cold climates my entire life, and have enjoyed swimming at all times of the year. December 2014 I even went swimming in the Faerie Pools in the Isle of Skye, and of course some Spanish tourists hiked by and nearly had a heart attack.


Cliff Jumping at Warren Falls, VT in October 2015

2. I play the cello – just not very well anymore.
I was lucky enough to have a mother supportive and caring enough to insist I practice for hours a day since the age of 9. I used to be quite good, good enough to play in the Anchorage Honor Orchestra and Junior Youth Symphony, as well as the Aberdeen Training Symphony. When I was in High School, though, some malicious students broke the neck of my cello, and I have had a hard time playing ever since. Hopefully, someday, I’ll have the courage to play again.

3. I am an amazing goalie. I played football/soccer competitively for many years, and my team – Aberdeen Football Club – even won the Scottish Cup, for which the coaches awarded me with MVP. I went on to be the captain of my school’s varsity football team, before I moved back to Alaska. During tryouts, another girl broke multiple fingers in my hands and I was barred from playing by the doctors. I know, I seriously have THEE WORST luck.

4. I used to be a chef for Tracy’s King Crab Shack in Juneau, Alaska. I even got to cook for the Iron Chef of Japan. Now I’m content to cook for friends at every opportunity because I absolutely love cooking. When I left my job there, my awesome amazing coworkers and boss hired bagpipes and wrapped me in a Scottish flag to send me off.

5. I have Trichotillomania, which is why you will probably never see a recent picture of my hair.



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