Book Review – Warcross by Marie Lu

Hey friends! I know, I’m terrible about posting on a regular basis, but I’ve got a special review for you guys today!


I was recently lucky enough to get ahold of an arc of Warcross by the wonderful Marie Lu! Consider me blessed by the book gods!


And where do I start? This book was everything I wanted and more! Lu’s storytelling ability grows with each book, and Warcross did not disappoint. Everything from the intricately painted setting, filled with flourishes of color and rich with detail, to the engaging characters, fully-realized and just as vibrant as their setting, Lu’s Warcross is painstakingly brought to life.

Our heroine, the brilliant Emika Chen, is both a hacker and a bounty hunter. When she accidentally hacks her way into the biggest game of the century, a virtual reality competition called Warcross, she catches the eye of its creator, the enigmatic and mysterious Hideo Tanaka. Assigned by Hideo to complete a bounty hunt in the game, Emika brings the reader along a whirlwind adventure.

I adore each and every one of the characters, from brilliant Hammie to the mysterious Ren. The games will enthrall and dazzle you like a carnival ride you never want to get off of. Lu also excels at crafting yet another excellent plot twist, one that will make you fall from your seat.

With stakes and games akin to The Hunger Games, and a wonderfully diverse cast, Warcross is a delight in every way. I recommend it to everyone! Also, can I have the sequel RIGHT NOW?!


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