Book Review! A Poison Dark and Drowning by Jessica Cluess

Wow, I really hit the jackpot on ARCs this month! I feel so blessed by the book gods!

Thank you, Jessica Cluess, for sending me a copy of this book! My opinions are entirely my own.


I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful signed ARC of this masterpiece.

I looooooooved A Shadow Bright and Burning, but A Poison Dark and Drowning blew me away. The stakes were raised, the characters grew, the twists were endless and the action was gripping! Cluess knocked it out of the park as far as sequels go. It’s very rare for me to enjoy a sequel as much, let alone MORE than the original, but Cluess managed with grace and verve.

Under Cluess’s able pen, the magical cast of characters grew and unfurled, each with their own arcs. I love Henrietta’s growth, and I especially love that Henrietta is able to maintain her agency throughout the book, despite many swoony overtures thrown her way and more than a handful of heartbreaking twists. The old characters will continue to surprise and adore you, the new will enthrall you! I especially love the addition of a certain spunky witch and the friendship that blossoms between her and Henrietta. I’m a sucker for books with positive, healthy friendships, and this book sure didn’t disappoint.

Overall, this book is twisty and action-packed, swoon-worthy and romantic. I definitely recommend this beauty to fans of the historical fantasy in The Dark Days Club, the swoony romance of Caraval, and the gripping action and determined heroine of Rebel of the Sands. Pre-order yourself a copy of this masterpiece NOW!



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