A little here and there…

Hey friends! I know! I’ve been terrible about blogging. Guys, I couldn’t even keep a journal, let alone a blog. But hey, at least I spare you all from the emotional lovey dove boring bits of my life.

I have been binging on books lately, and slowly but surely finishing up OR. It’s such a great book. I’m really impressed with myself. Which is saying something because usually I hate my own writing.

And as I settle into the Vermont summer lifestyle, I will try to post more often, maybe even share some excerpts from OR. If you’re getting really bothered by my lack of blog posts, feel free to follow me on instagram! ukclairebear907 – I like to keep it short and sweet. For an aspiring author, I’m not very long-winded.
  In the meantime, here are some of the latest


MazelTuff being a stoop cat


Reading with a flying Tuff in the background


Yes, swim season has begun again!


First Maple Cone of the season! It was delicious!


Beautiful sunset from my house


And of course Nizhoni is up to no good.


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