Moving Forward – A Writing Update

Honestly, I’m quite terrible at blogging. I’m even more terrible at journaling. And yet, one of my favorite hobbies is writing. And so, this is my roundabout way of explaining why I’m not exactly forthcoming with blog posts, and yet I’ve been banging out chapter after chapter of Olympus Rising.


For those of you that follow my Pinterest account (I highly recommend it *wink nudge* a link is located in my about me section), you will know that I am in the midst of writing THREE different book series right now- Children of Earth, Halfling, and the aforementioned Olympus Rising.


Children of Earth is my ultimate baby, my pride and joy, and also my most frustrating spawn. Halfling is still in the beginning stages, a sort of ode to Lord of the Rings, and I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t gotten much done of it.
And my latest prodigy, Olympus Rising, has been a complete joy to write. Just kidding, it’s been a total pain in the patootie. Does anyone even say patootie anymore? Well, I do. Some authors will tell you that when you have the right plot idea, the words will practically write themselves. Others will rant endlessly about how some days it is impossible to spit out even five words.


Olympus Rising has been neither of these. Some days I am proud to say I wrote a whole chapter in a single sitting, then it is weeks later that I can even get out a single paragraph.
This I blame on doubts. Doubts that I will ever fulfill my dream of being published. But it is time to let go of those doubts and just let the words flow at their own pace.
So while I wittle away at my Olympus Rising to-do list, enjoy the sample of the novel I left a couple days ago, and look forward to another book review this weekend.

And yes, I realize this blog post was completely aimless. I did warn you that I’m terrible at blogging. I save my real talents for writing the books.


Oh, and here is my spoiled fat cat.


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