Book Review Sunday: Daughter of Smoke and Bone


It’s been awhile, WordPress. While I’ve been busy graduating, doing archaeology digs, galivanting across Scotland, Iceland and the Lower 48, I haven’t had much time in between to write a proper blog post. Well no excuses anymore, it’s time to get back on the blog bandwagon.
Daughter of Smoke and Bone, written by the wonderfully savvy Laini Taylor, is a fantastic start to a truly original series. Filled to the brim with enigmatic and intelligent heroes and heroines, and even anti-heroes, this book is one that I would recommend to absolutely anyone….over the age of 15 at least.
Daughter of Smoke and Bone follows dark and mysterious heroine Karou as she navigates the world between humans and a mysterious room where her guardian Brimstone sits with a cold calculability. Inadvertently drawn into a war between Brimstone’s chimaera kin and the angels that seek to destroy him, Karou will sacrifice her safety and everything she knows to find a balance between these other worlds.
Karou is a truly original heroine, and the beauty of her character is that she isn’t perfect. She doesn’t always make the right choices, and sometimes she is unabashedly selfish, which makes her realistic in so many ways that literary heroines are not these days. And the true reason I would tell someone to learn from Karou is that she learns from herself, picking up the pieces from her mistakes and moves on.
While the romantic subplot of this book feels a bit too contrite sometimes, and even overbearing at other times, it is easily overlooked in favor of the much more interesting pacing of the plot. Taylor writes with such unique style, and while plots that jump around as much as this one does sometimes become unbearably confusing, Daughter of Smoke and Bone utilizes this to create the the ultimate suspense and fast-paced story.


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