It’s been awhile…

Wow. I’ve been away a long time. I feel like I’ve gone on some long, amazing adventure. But the reality is much more boring than that. I’ve just been swamped with school and work. Boring, eh? I have been getting some great swimming and hiking done though for bonus points.


The beautiful Auke Lake, in Juneau Alaska. I swim here EVERY DAY!


I haven’t read much that’s review worthy either. I’ve been reading a lot for school though, which has been draining. A lot of it has been about Scottish archaeology and history, which is interesting for me but probably not so much for you. Do you guys want to here about the dozens of Scottish kings and queens that just couldn’t seem to get along even when the country was on the perpetual brink of war with England? No. Thought not.

I did reread a favorite book of mine though before I got too bogged down with school and work (I work for the Student Activities Board and as a Substitute teacher during the school year, and now I’m working at the delicious Tracy’s King Crab Shack during the summer). Maybe I’ll do a review of it this coming Sunday, or maybe I’ll even do one of the my Scottish books for you just for kicks and giggles.

As for Children of Earth, it’s coming along quite beautifully. I do feel those days of doubt and despair about my chances of ever getting published, and some days they make me just want to push it aside and start a new book entirely, and then some day I will reread a single chapter and my love for these fantastic heroes is rekindled. Someday it will be published, and someday I will be able to share these heroes with all of you. For now, you will all just have to wait.

In July I’m finally going on an archaeology dig. For those of you that don’t know I’m an avid archaeology nerd, and cant wait to get my foot in the door for that business too. I’m going out into the boondocks, Alaska to dig for an entire month, so I’ll be berating you with photos of that when I’m done. In the meantime, I wait, and gift you all with lovely book reviews (more to come soon)


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