Book Review Sunday! The Black Magician Trilogy

ImageI’ve got to start this post by apologizing. Yes, I am sorry, because I am completely guilty of only doing book reviews for books that I actually like (so far). Maybe next week I will do a book that is in my trash pile. Sadly, a lot of YA novels that have come out recently are in that pile.

If you loved Brandon  Sanderson’s Mistborn series, then you will absolutely love the Black Magician Trilogy. The Black Magician Trilogy, written by Trudi Canavan, is an utterly fantastic book trilogy that I would recommend to anyone with even the slightest interest in fiction. Unlike a lot of other book series, such as my own, this series is short and succinct, wrapping up with only three books (to be fair there is a prequel novel and sequel series, but I would prefer to think that those books don’t exist).

The series follows Sonea, a slum-living girl of Imardin, who violently discovers latent magic within her. While the first book focuses on her escaping the magicians who seek to control her and tame her now reckless magic shows a slightly innocent Sonea, she develops throughout the course of the series into a strong, resolute, able and compassionate woman. I love it when women in novels don’t turn into classic female archetypes. Sonea is definitely an original. If I ever had a daughter,  I would want her to read this book (and also the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce) so she could see what a truly strong woman is.

Canavan is also a master of threading multiple plots in a single novel. Each book in the trilogy has multiple storylines and each of the storylines are still interesting, a feat in and of itself. It shows that not only is Canavan limitlessly imaginative, but she is also crazy talented. I can only hope to make so many storylines flow together so smoothly and beautifully. Though the last book is dogged down by a love-plotline that came from way out in left field, I still appreciate the story in it’s entirety. The first book is a novel version of cat and mouse, the second is more of an adult version of Harry Potter, and the third is a book-long climax that wont let you go for a second.

I totally recommend this book to anyone with a love of both magic and realism. Canavan is truly a hero among authors for her world building, and her books manage to rekindle the nostalgia in me for the days of Harry Potter and schools where you can go learn magic. I would trade my Anthropology of Religion class for Transfiguration any day.


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