You Know You’re a Writer When…..



  • You get to school an hour early so you can bang out some pages before class
  • You don’t sing in the shower – you make dialogue for your characters and act it out
  • ctrl-z is your best friend
  • You clearly remember what book first inspired you to start writing
  • You can’t sleep because you’ve thought of a new novel idea
  • You suddenly have a new book idea in your head but you don’t have anything to write it on so you keep repeating it to yourself while you frantically run around looking for pen and paper.
  • Instead of counting sheep to sleep, you go over plot ideas.
  • All your pets have the names of your favorite literary characters
  • You spend your time at parties inspecting your host’s bookshelves
  • You hear someone say something funny and you keep a mental note of it so your character can say it
  • You’d rather write than socialize with people

Did I miss any?? How do you know that you’re a writer?


3 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When…..

  1. I definitely experience a lot of these. I know I have to make educated decisions about whether to get up at 2 am to write down what I just came up with or finally get to sleep and risk forgetting it all tomorrow!

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