Book Review Sunday – Poison Princess

I almost feel bad. I’ve been reviewing books with primarily female heroines. While the Green Rider and Noble Dead series have excellent male leads with plenty of backstory, they are both told from a female perspective (primarily). The same can be said of Poison Princess, the first in the latest series from romantic novelist Kresley Cole. And, sadly, I’m not nearly as impressed with Evie, the heroine of Poison Princess.
Evie is self-obsessed, and does little other than obsess about herself and create problems for the other characters in the novel. It isn’t until the last couple chapters that Evie comes into her own and becomes, at long last, resourceful. While this can be interpreted as an example of character development, to me it dragged on too long and her incessant whining became tiresome when she could have easily done things for herself.
Despite the book’s lack-luster heroine, it still manages to catch you on a hook and hold on tight. I couldn’t break away for more than an hour, finishing the book within a day. This I blame on the book’s intriguing and original plot, ie. the Tarot cards have brought about an apocalypse. And while the first third of the book focuses on unnecessary plot details and high school drama that becomes unnecessary once everything becomes blown to bits by the apocalypse, they are still engaging enough to make all the hours reading it enjoyable. Once all the teenage murk and high school nonsense is out of the way, Cole manages to weave an apocalyptic story that rivals all the others, simply for its ingenious use of Tarot Cards and their historic characters.
Overall, Cole has created an engaging book that will hook you in until the very end and leave you begging for the next. Cole creates the layout for what could be an epic story if the heroine ever stops obsessing over herself. Before you open the book take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the dive because once you start reading, it will not let you go.

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