Book Review Sunday! Saga of the Noble Dead


I know what you’re thinking. “Not another vampire series!”
But guys! This one knocks all the other bloodsuckers out of the park! At least once you get through the first book….

I had the luxury of starting the series from the middle, with In Shade and Shadow, and was so pleasantly surprised that I finished the entire book that night and ordered all the others in the series the next morning. The Saga of the Noble Dead is so absolutely refreshing, comparatively speaking, when it comes to the overused Vampire trend that we’re stuck in. Unlike other book series of its kind, the Saga is split (so far) into 3 sections, and with each section comes a new goal, and with each section there comes new characters.

Like my own books, the Saga has quite a list of characters, all very unique and endearing in their own way, and as a bonus – THEY ALL HAVE FLAWS! As I made note of last Sunday, I HATE IT when characters are too perfect. It irks me to no end. End of aside, these characters are very real, despite having many supernatural qualities, and despite these superpowers, so to speak, they can still kick ass and get their asses kicked. My favorite character, the endearing and endlessly curious Wynn is great. She’s an intellectual, she don’t-need-no-man, and she is very Gandalf-esque with her superpowered staff. It’s corny and yet it totally works.

As I said before, the Saga is split into 3 sections (and I hope there’s a fourth coming soon, but that hasn’t been announced yet). Wynn is a secondary character in the first section, not seen until the second book, as the first section of the Saga focuses on a Dhampir, Magiere, and her allies, Leesil and Chap (with a few secrets of their own) as she kicks some vampire ass while learning more about her past, and dealing with political intrigue and elves that want to kill her. The beautiful thing about this series is the fact that it has been split up into so many sections, allowing each of these plot-threads time to breath and develop over the course of the books.

Married authors of the Saga, Barb and J.C. Hendee do a fabulous job with this series. Though I will admit I haven’t read the last book just yet, A Wind in the Night, the others have far exceeded my expectations about Vampire Novels. If you’re looking for an extended book series to keep you up reading long into the night (and distract you from your homework), I recommend the Saga of the Noble Dead. Though the first book, Dhampir, isn’t as exceptional as the others in the series, it is still wonderfully done, and will only leave you wanting to read more about Magiere and her ass-kicking allies.

Overall, the writing is wonderful, and with such an eclectic mix of themes, this novel is a sucker (pardon the pun, sorrynotsorry) for all those fantasy/scifi lovers out there like me!


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