Book Review Sunday! – The Green Rider Series!


I’m starting a new thing! Yay me! Every Sunday I am going to try to do a book review! I will do books old and new!

This Sunday I am doing one of my all-time favorites: The Green Rider Series by Kristen Britain.
While I might sound a little biased, I think this series is phenomenal.

If you grew up reading the fantastic Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce like I did, then this series is sure to reignite your love of fantastical worlds and badass heroines. The series follows Karigan as she traverses across Sacoridia as one of the King’s Green Riders, couriers of the Kings most important messages and letters. Gifted with the ability to disappear through time and space, she saves the King and Sacoridia numerous times with both skill and ingenuity as we as readers learn more about this strange land.
Britain does a fantastic job building this world, and as the series progresses she peels more and more layers back, revealing a land long torn apart by the various races that call it home.
Lovers of the Song of Ice and Fire will enjoy the political intrigue that is interlaced with magic and mystery. These novels do a good job balancing love plotlines and magic, with neither outweighing the other. While some of the scenes almost tend to weigh in on cheesy, with many of the characters painfully falling on the “too perfect” side of the spectrum, none of which having any endearing flaws, I still find myself rooting for these characters.
While the first two books are amazing and keep you hooked with every page, the third and fourth books are not as successful at keeping the reader gripped to the pages. The first two books also move much faster, covering more time in much fewer pages, while for the last two books Britain uses much more descriptive detail, making most scenes rather arduous to read. While still interesting to read, the last two books tend to curb your appetite for more of Sacoridia. The next book, Mirror Sight, is schedule to be released sometime this year, and I hope Britain “makes up for lost time” with it, creating a much more fluid and gripping read than The High King’s Tomb and Blackveil. *fingers crossed*
Overall, if you’re looking for a good series to tuck your face in and fall in love with, despite some flaws, The Green Rider series will perfectly suffice, if not exceed your expectations.


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