Book on the mind

I am undeterred! I submitted Children of Earth to the Amazon Breakthrough Writing Contest!
*fingers crossed*
The contest accepts 10000 entries so I’m hardly enthused about my chances but it’s a small step nonetheless! I would just be happy if I made it past the first two rounds (Pitch and Excerpt) because then I can get a free review of my book to use if I decide to self-publish my novel. (Please oh please don’t let it come to that)
My novel is off being edited right now as well. My friends and my darling boyfriend had an intervention a couple weeks ago for me because I have been obsessing over my poor book and forcing it through massive revisions.
I’m trying not to be depressed about it right now though. My mum keeps telling me that many authors take decades to get published, which is hardly anything new to me, but it’s still not something I want to hear.
On the bright side, my pinterest page has 550 followers! It may seem small, but honestly it’s a little victory because it means that I have that many people following what I post and it’s a great Launchpad for my book in the long run. And because I can – here are some good writing tunes!

And in case any of you wonderful people were interested, here’s my pinterest page!


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