Haikus in An Old Notebook

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Goodnight, Irene


I like how you think

Stars are for getting back home

Love is forgetting

Don’t call me “baby”

Not in that voice not in this room

Not like you know me

You’re not the answer

This isn’t where I woke up

Just where I tuned in

You are so gentle

The way you keep me awake

The way you kill me

Tell them it was me

This is such a bad idea

They will believe you

They call me trouble

You call me when you can’t sleep

And we call this love

Remember my eyes

Call this number tomorrow

And ask what I’ve done

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Being Persistent

Being a writer is a test of your resolve. Before you’re even out the door you’ve got your family, friends and colleagues telling you that your chances are next to none. This is hardly a deterrent for me.
I’ve been spinning fansical tales for well over a decade now and none of these stories have cone to published fruition. Is that because they suck? No. Is that because I haven’t tried hard enough? Maybe.
The key to persisting in this business, from what I’ve seen, researched, heard and have been told on hundreds of occassions is to keep your head up. It’s hard to keep sending your 96000-word baby to be rejected. It’s what I imagine being a mother is like and sending your kid doortodoor for Halloween candy only to continually watch the door get slammed in their face. Not because the costume isnt creative enough, and not because your child isn’t well mannered. It’s because sometimes these people just don’t have what you want.
The publishing business is busy, ever-fluctuating, and always picky. These agents receive hundreds of queries a week. And you could have the most polished query and stellar manuscript yet they still won’t want you. They key is to be dogged. Tighten up those opening pages and share that query with a few friends to see what they think. Keep your head up!

And here’s a picture of my cat for obligatory “awwwwww”s


Book on the mind

I am undeterred! I submitted Children of Earth to the Amazon Breakthrough Writing Contest!
*fingers crossed*
The contest accepts 10000 entries so I’m hardly enthused about my chances but it’s a small step nonetheless! I would just be happy if I made it past the first two rounds (Pitch and Excerpt) because then I can get a free review of my book to use if I decide to self-publish my novel. (Please oh please don’t let it come to that)
My novel is off being edited right now as well. My friends and my darling boyfriend had an intervention a couple weeks ago for me because I have been obsessing over my poor book and forcing it through massive revisions.
I’m trying not to be depressed about it right now though. My mum keeps telling me that many authors take decades to get published, which is hardly anything new to me, but it’s still not something I want to hear.
On the bright side, my pinterest page has 550 followers! It may seem small, but honestly it’s a little victory because it means that I have that many people following what I post and it’s a great Launchpad for my book in the long run. And because I can – here are some good writing tunes!


And in case any of you wonderful people were interested, here’s my pinterest page!