My return from the Homeland!

ALO! Just got back from Scotland! I can definitely tell that Scotland is where I’m meant to be!

For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in Scotland, spending my teenage years there before I moved back to Alaska to finish off the last of my schooling. Oh how I missed those Highlands! Alaska, as beautiful as you are, you just don’t compare!

Scotland was just so gorgeous!

I am definitely not happy to be back!

But! On the plus side! My love of writing has been rejuvenated! While I am finishing up book 2 in the Elandria Chronicles, I have also started a new series called “Halfling” and have done a bit more work on “Olympus Rising.” I am very happy with where all of these books are going and I cant wait to share them with all of you!

And here is a special treat! An excerpt from Halfling!

Her visions were unpredictable. Some days they overcame her like a maelstrom, ripping through her mind and leaving her spinning in a breathless circle. Other times they simply walked across her line of sight, like a scene in a play unfolding before her as she walked. Sometimes they even overcame her as she slept, allowing her no peaceful slumber but instead a night of terror and wonder. Tonight, one of those dreams visited her.

These visions were always of the same person. He strutted across her visions with a swagger that she had grown to love for the past forty-eight years of her life. He was always there. Whether a figment of her imagination or not, Silien had grown to love this man. She knew him better than she knew her own family.

That night was no different. Waking or sleeping, she had no control of these visions, and one came upon her with the onslaught of a blizzard. Silien shivered as she slept, her eyes darting beneath clenched lids as the scene unfolded before her. He marched across the battlefield, dressed in red, blue and gold, the colors Silien had begun to recognize as those of his family. His brothers, twins with long, curly black hair, marched by his side. He held twin axes aloft in clenched fists, his teeth were bared, and the twin brothers were sceaming battle cries.

Silien watched helplessly as they ran, leading an army of five-hundred dwarves to their doom. Silien cried out, gasping and begging them to stop. She screamed for them to turn around. They ran on and on, heedless of her cries, as they met the army of daemons head-on, horns blaring and dwarves screaming, for the battle of the millennia.

The battle raged on before Silien’s horrified eyes. She felt tears begin to slip down her face. Her haunter began to weaken and stumble, and just as the enemy’s axe began to fall towards his neck, Silien awoke in a screaming fit.

She flung the blankets from her anxious body, trembling and moaning. This person she had grown to love and admire, this man that haunted her visions, was going to die before she could ever meet him. Silien sat on the edge of her bed, cradling herself with cold, shaking arms. Her long, silver hair fell around her face in a heavy veil as she sobbed.

She had crawled with this man as a baby, skipped across fields with him, and fought to keep the daemons at bay, and yet she didn’t even know his name.

Taking a deep breath, Silien tucked her long hair behind her pointed ears, given to her by her elven kin. She had known this day would come, and that she would have to do something about it. These dreams had been preparing her, teaching her to the ways of this man. The man she would have to save.

Silien pushed herself to her feet, ignoring the cold breeze that blew around her long legs. The vision has taken place in the fall, as the golden leaves fell around those dying men. It was winter now, and the snow fell then just outside her room, dusting the elven kingdom of Mineria in icy splendor. That meant she had exactly one year to save the love of her life. One year to prevent his death, and the downfall of all dwarves.

She knew what had to be done.






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