Self-Publishing or holding out for that agent.

I’m at an impasse. I still have yet to hear from the majority of that massive stack queries I sent out, but I still feel jaded about the whole process. Do I stand any chance? I think my book is wonderful and amazing and fantastic, but will an agent ever see it that way?
There are hundreds of queries sent out to each agent each week. Sometimes even in a single day an agent will recieve over a hundred queries. It’s safe to say that the odds are definitely not in my favor.
I am also dependent upon the whims of the agents. Some just aren’t infested in fantasy, some don’t like my concept of college kids for a YA novel. Some just are picky. Nothing personal, but these agents have a lot of people breathing down their necks and they’re just not interested.
Because of this dilemma, I have decided to start researching Self-Publishing. It’s not exactly a lucrative business, and in reality if I want to be successful and sell a lot of books, ill probably have to spend more money than I would make back. Is it worth it? This is my ever constant dilemma.

In the meantime, I’ve been exploring more of Juneau to get more inspiration for Elandria.





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