My enemy, Time.

Writing isn’t exactly a lucrative business. Most authors need to work multiple jobs while writing even if they are published.
I’m at the “working three jobs while going to school full time” stage, hoping to get a fourth, and finish book two in whatever free time I can dredge up.
It’s chaotic. And draining.
I keep getting asked when my book is going to get published, and its painful to admit that a year would be the earliest possible date of publication. Publishing takes a long time. It’s all about time in the publishing business. You’re novel has to hit an agent and/or editor’s desk at the exact time they’re looking for that kind of book.
I’ve been researching some of my favorite author’s and their paths to publication. It took Sarah J. mass FOUR years to get published from when she started sending out her query.
Time will be my enemy for the time being. I’m going to make like Anton and fight back this ruthless villain.


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