Agents! Platforms! Queries Oh My!

When you read Lord Of The Rings, it is important to remember that Frodo had a lot of help along the way.
You, my readers and “Facebook Page Likers” are my Fellowship as I trudge on to get my book published. The path to getting your book is a long stairwell, each step higher and higher, harder to reach each and everytime.

I’ve written my query.

I’m building my platform (slowly but surely).

And now I’m sending out queries to Agents! From there a long long list of rejections will probably await me (J.K. Rowling was rejected more than fifty times, and the author of The Help was rejected more than 60 times)

I’d like to think that the odds are in my favor… if only slightly!

Thanks for all the support and I hope I can give you a great book pressed between a hardcover some day soon!


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