New Book Idea!

I’ve got a new idea for a new series to write! I’m really excited to start this one! It’ll take a lot of research, but it would be a good one to start while I’m waiting on queries for Children of Earth. My hints to you about it are A) it has to do with … More New Book Idea!

My enemy, Time.

Writing isn’t exactly a lucrative business. Most authors need to work multiple jobs while writing even if they are published. I’m at the “working three jobs while going to school full time” stage, hoping to get a fourth, and finish book two in whatever free time I can dredge up. It’s chaotic. And draining. I … More My enemy, Time.


As I lay in bed, my kitties cuddling on my back, I can’t sleep. Thoughts of queries, school, three jobs and friends tumble through my head. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this kind of restlessness and it took me a long time to put my thumb on why I’m bitten by it … More Fall

“Be Realistic”

Writing is hard. Writing for an income is even harder. As I send out query after query, the self-doubt threatens to suffocate me. I’m worried that my query was awful, that my first chapter is too long, too boring, and too full of mundane details that are necessary to understanding the story. I’m worried that … More “Be Realistic”