Long Hiatus

Wow! I’ve been away for a long time. Long enough to even forget my password for this blog.

I’m a pretty busy girl. Since my last post MONTHS ago, I have finished an entire semester of school, acquired two new jobs, made new friends, begun mapping out the path to graduation aaaaaand




Okay. Back to reality. I only finished the first draft. Now time for revisions and more revisions. I realized that my book was little more than a skeleton of joy, so I’ve been adding some more substance. Evie has a new path. I’ve given Axle some more redeeming actions. Anton is just as inquisitive, Jeremy even more infuriating, and Luke is stoic beyond recompense. I wonder who will break him from his shell. Hmmmm….

But. Book two is underway, and I have begun looking for agents. Now the horrible part of being an author begins! In the meantime, I resolve to write here more often. I will be critiquing and showcasing some wonderful books I have been reading, among blabbering on about my life and Children of Earth.



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