The Hard Part

I JUST finished revising my book. And, man, that was a pain. It’s taken me months to get that baby into fighting shape. Before it was a lifeless skeleton, now its got lots of imaginative meat and a new brain. I can only hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass.
Now begins my hunt for agents. Anyone that’s serious about wanting to get published needs one, and its the rare case that an author doesn’t need one to break into the writing business. I’m doing more research into these agents than I ever do while studying at the University for school. It’s kind of sad really.
Anyway, life is fabulous. Cheers!



Writing is an addictive mistress

I love to write. I could write all day long. There are so many ideas that I have tucked away into the facets of my mind for writing on a rainy day once I have finished Children of Earth.


I am not a good writer.

They say the more you practice something, the better you get at it.

This is not true.

I write every damn day. And yet, I am not any better at it.

Let me get this straight. My writing doesn’t necessarily suck, but I not some magician of words, like Patrick Rothfuss or George R.R. Martin. There are some books that I read, and I have a hard time finishing – despite an interesting plot – because the writing is too bland. As such, I am going through massive revisions on Children of Earth because there are times where my writing sounds too monotone.

Hopefully, I’ll be done with revisions soon.

Long Hiatus

Wow! I’ve been away for a long time. Long enough to even forget my password for this blog.

I’m a pretty busy girl. Since my last post MONTHS ago, I have finished an entire semester of school, acquired two new jobs, made new friends, begun mapping out the path to graduation aaaaaand




Okay. Back to reality. I only finished the first draft. Now time for revisions and more revisions. I realized that my book was little more than a skeleton of joy, so I’ve been adding some more substance. Evie has a new path. I’ve given Axle some more redeeming actions. Anton is just as inquisitive, Jeremy even more infuriating, and Luke is stoic beyond recompense. I wonder who will break him from his shell. Hmmmm….

But. Book two is underway, and I have begun looking for agents. Now the horrible part of being an author begins! In the meantime, I resolve to write here more often. I will be critiquing and showcasing some wonderful books I have been reading, among blabbering on about my life and Children of Earth.